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Guestbook for Chichen Itza, then Belize: The journey
Laurence Smith(non-registered)
Holy cow! You have given me the impetus to get myself down to Belize one of these days before my body runs out of steam. The history is marvelous and it's astonishing how the science and astronomy had advanced 'back in the day'.

There are two images in this group in particular that really stand out as 'as good as it gets'. The pyramid with the absolutely gorgeous sky behind, and the very first image in the group - the shell. Everything comes together in that image - the brown and tans of the sand and the wood - coupled with the intense and enriching colors of the reds and golds fading into each other.

For me, gold has two counterpart colors that really make a beautiful image: Gold and red/orange such as in your shell image, and gold with bright greens.

Truly excellent.