Stewart is a retired marketing and sales executive who enjoys free-lance photography. Born and raised in Britain, Stewart immigrated to Canada at age 23. Two years later he became a Canadian Citizen.

Art, in various forms, has always been a passion of Stewart’s.
In his early 20’s, Stewart experimented in Black & White photography for a couple of years, then devoted his time and energy into making a living and raising a family. During this period, Stewart started sketching again, concentrating on portraits.

After retiring, Stewart’s passion for photography was rekindled, this time with an eclectic variety of landscape, people and nature photography.

Artist’s Statement:
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away" (Anon).
When I first saw this quote it had a profound effect on me. It sums up my feelings about my world. My art is all about emotional responses. I take pictures of moments in time when my breath is taken away. I enjoy photographing Nature and People. Every photograph I take has a story behind it. I share my photographs with other people to evoke unique emotional responses for them.

"The best pictures are taken in our back yard." Be it garden, front yard, a mountain range after an hour's drive or a waterfall half a world away - Stewart McLeish brings home the images that touch our hearts, minds and imaginations. Join us for a walk through award winning photographer Stewart McLeish's backyard and embrace the earth is all its splendor.